Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall is a multiple award winning showcase venue, and the brand Inner City Music uses when acting as a national tour producer and promoter.

Band on the Wall is at the forefront of celebrating diversity in music and providing artists and audiences with access to new cultural experiences. We pioneered the model of a Living Music Library, and we’re unique to the North of England. We exist to enrich people’s lives by enabling them to access, enjoy and participate in the best music of many cultures in a stimulating and conducive environment. We have consistently delivered a programme that is sector-leading in the diversity of both its music and audience, and are widely acknowledged by our peers and by the people and leadership of Manchester for having done so.

When we reopened our doors in 2009 following a period of extensive renovation we set a strategic course for the future. After almost a century of giving Manchester some of its most memorable musical experiences we started to build on our reputation for excellence, risk taking, and eclecticism and take our place as a modern, ambitious music organisation, ready to play a role beyond the city’s nightlife and into the wider life of its community.

We’ve emerged as a unique type of music organisation. Our impact on music lovers is profound and transformational. Our impact on our community no less so. We’ve redefined what it means to be a music venue. For someone at a Joy Division concert in 1979 it might have been difficult to imagine where children might fit into the Band on the Wall story. Now it’s difficult to imagine the place without them. We host courses, classes, workshops and residencies, and accredited programmes delivered by The Manchester College. We take seriously our responsibility to nurture talent and empower young people.